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Ancient Music and Instruments of Ireland and Britain - 2nd Edition 'Prehistoric Music of Ireland' now available

Ancient Music and Instruments of Ireland and Britain - 2nd Edition 'Prehistoric Music of Ireland' now available

We are delighted to announce the new release of our book ‘Ancient Music and Instruments of Ireland and Britain’ – 2nd Edition of 'Prehistoric Music of Ireland’, first published in 2004.  This illuminated publication deals with the origins of music following the end of the Ice Age on the Islands off North Western Europe.  Evolvement through whistles in the Stone Age, the great cast bronze horn family of the Bronze Age, Iron Age trumpas and rare Early Medieval instruments is examined in detail.

The study of music archaeology and particularly reconstruction of instruments has facilitated  exploration into the musical lives of early settlers, pre Celts and Celtic societies.  Rich evocative complex instruments are revealed and much new insight is gained into the development of music in Ireland and Britain.  This pioneering publication is a must read for students and others whose interests lie in Music, Archaeology, Celtic Studies and anthropology. 
To purchase this book please go to:  
Recordings to accompany this publication are also available at www.ancientmusicireland.com/onlineshop/
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