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One Day

A unique record of ten tracks featuring instruments from pre-history, antiquity and ancient surviving musical traditions. Whilst many of the tunes are played and recorded acoustically, some include up to date electronic additions to enhance the particular sounds of the instruments. Recordings took place in Connemara, Ireland, North Wales and Hamburg Germany.


The collection may be described as a further exploration of instruments and sounds evolved since the inception of the band Reconciliation in 1991. Evocative musical combinations are realised as a result of live concerts and previous recordings combined with techniques gained by the players in their personal careers. Particular emphasis is placed on advanced drumming methods which are created by Maria Cullen O’Dwyer on the Irish frame drum or bodhrán along with drone rhythms and instrumental overtone.


The new vibrant sound may be described as a definitive departure from more conventional music today. Yet, strong dance rhythms are complimented by complex tone and overtone manipulation. Great walls of acoustic complexity introduce an alternative view of the essence of music both as a rhythmic stimulant and an evocative mood enhancer. The music of Reconciliation is new in the world and yet takes it’s influences and origins from some the oldest instruments and traditions created by humanity.

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