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Since its inception in 1988, Ancient Music Ireland have created a visual, audio and written archive of the research and development into ancient music and instruments.   In order to continue in this way, we are delighted to announce the establishment of a private subscription members area on our website.  The fees will be offered in increments to allow people to choose the amount their position allows.  There will also be an opportunity to become a patron of Ancient Music Ireland with a more substantial once-off donation.   Proceeds from the subscriptions and donations will go towards the continuation of existing research projects and exploration into new domains.

A special thanks: –

Ancient Music Ireland would like to acknowledge Louis O’Dwyer of  ‘O’Dwyer Productions’ and thank him for all the support and guidance he has provided down through the years.  His help enabled the archive to grow and keep up with changing technologies!

What Members Can Access

Films added on a regular basis taken from the Ancient Music Ireland archive.

Unpublished audio and visual using original ancient instruments from Ireland and Britain.

Unpublished audio and visual using reproduction instruments from Ireland and Britain.

Films featuring music and instruments from cultures around the world being played with Irish and British reproduction ancient instruments.

Academic papers featuring in-depth research into individual instruments.

Interviews and discussion with musicians from different cultures playing similar instruments to the ancient Irish and British collection in their living musical traditions.

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