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05 An Craic 2:37 min – track sample



Irish bronze horns and trumpets work very well together in large numbers. By using over tracking it is possible to build up layers which can come together to make a big band type of sound. There is no reason why large numbers of horns shouldn’t have been played together in ancient times. The largest ever find of prehistoric metal instruments was a hoard of 26 Bronze Age horns and 39 crotals that turned up during ploughing near Birr, Co. Offlay, Ireland in the mid-19th Century AD. This tune ‘An Craic’ is rich and vibrant whilst the simple melody is created through horns alternating with each other.

Simon O’Dwyer – dord íseal,dord ard, adharc, conch shell, boomerang sticks.
Phil Conyngham – clap sticks
Maria Cullen O’Dwyer – clap sticks
Rod Callan – clap sticks
Paul Ashe Browne – clap sticks
Rod Callan – engineering and mastering, The Works Studios, Dublin, Ireland, 1994
Peter Mew – post mastering, Abbey Road Studios, London, England, 1994



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