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08 Desert Dreaming 10:37 min – track sample



On a Sunday during the weeks of recording for ‘Interaction’ while the other band members were taking a day off, Phil Conyngham recorded a multi-track tune using all the instruments from the band. He then brought the multi tapes to his friend and musical collaborator, Andy Ashford. Andy had forged a name for himself in the South London techno scene of the time. Desert Dreaming is a fascinating combination of instrumentation and empty space. The listener can imagine great rolling vistas of desert while the silence is occasionally broken by the rush of an insect or the rattle of a lizard. This tune could only have been composed by someone who had lots of experience of the Australian desert.

Phil Conyngham – didgeridoo, dord íseal,dord ard, adharc, bodhrán, boomerang sticks, clap sticks.
Rod Callan – engineering and mastering, The Works Studios, Dublin, Ireland, 1994
Andy Ashford – further mixing and mastering, South London, England, 1994
Peter Mew – post mastering, Abbey Road Studios, London, England, 1994


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