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01 Interaction 8:48 min – track sample




This is the first and title track of the album ‘Interaction’. The tune is deliberately composed as a long gradually evolving progression. It is essentially made up of the three main sounds of ‘Reconciliation’, the didgeridoo, the bodhrán and the Irish horns. The foundation is a loose repeating rhythm which delicately holds the listener without ‘over the top’ domination. This is perfectly complimented by an even progressing didgeridoo riff whilst bronze horns wash in overall with their ethereal haunting sound. The whole is very satisfying and as with all good composition it leaves the listener wanting more.

Phil Conyngham – bass and treble didgeridoo
Maria Cullen O’Dwyer – bodhrán, rhythm egg
Simon O’Dwyer – adharc, conch, rhythm egg, hand bodhrán
Rod Callan – engineering and mastering, The Works Studios, Dublin, Ireland, 1994
Peter Mew – post mastering, Abbey Road Studios, London, England, 1994



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