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04 Tubby Bop 4:34 min – track sample



Maria Cullen O’Dwyer had taken an interest in the distinctive Irish frame drum, the hand bodhrán. Her teacher Robbie Walsh was of a new breed of bodhrán players who was actively exploring fresh progressive styles. Thus, Maria’s playing was stronger, with more tone being achieved through the use of a particularly heavy two ended stick. As she progressed within ‘Reconciliation’, so a new exciting percussion was created which for the first time took the bodhrán out of the Irish traditional music discipline and into more mainstream drumming. ‘Tubby Bop’ employs the uniquely Irish sideways playing action of the bodhrán and tubby drum with the studio mixing of the dance techno world. The result could well be taken as African tribal drumming yet it must be remembered that all the beats on ‘Tubby Bop’ are played in the swinging sideways Irish style.

Maria Cullen O’Dwyer – bodhrán, tubby drum
Phil Conyngham – clap sticks
Rod Callan – engineering and mastering, The Works Studios, Dublin, Ireland, 1994
Andy Ashford – further mixing and mastering, South London, England, 1994
Peter Mew – post mastering, Abbey Road Studios, London, England, 1994



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