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06 Harmony Reel 2:22 min – track sample


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Touring in what was the former East Germany in the first years after the collapse of the Iron Curtain was very different than in the West. Though there wasn’t much money around yet ‘Reconciliation’ were received enthusiastically at every concert. Usually at some stage in the show members of the band would play a solo tune. Harmony Reel was composed by Simon O’Dwyer to bring out the extraordinary rich layered sounds of a Scandinavian harmonic flute. He made the instrument having taken dimensions from one he had seen in Bremen, Germany in 1994. When listening to the tune it is hard to believe that such musical complexity is created from a simple tube with a fipple at one end and a hole at the other.

Simon O’Dwyer –seyell flute (harmonic flute)
Simon O’Dwyer – recording at Exlibris, Magdeburg, Germany, April 1995
Volker Staut – post mastering

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