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08 Psycho Slugged 5:43 min- track sample


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For many years before joining the band ‘Reconciliation’, Phil Conyngham had been developing a new vibrant style on the didgeridoo. Taking influences from old aboriginal tunes and adding a new repeating over layered complexity, he created a pulsing rhythm dance sound. The arrangement was inspired by the new techno and other dance music which was becoming popular at the time. To quote musicologist, Dr. John Purser, ‘I have no idea what Phil is actually doing when he plays these tunes. It just does not seem possible.’ The name Psycho Slugged stems from Phil’s particular love of the humble slug, superimposed into a South London wild techno scene. Who knew?

Phil Conyngham – didgeridoo
Simon O’Dwyer – recording at Exlibris, Magdeburg, Germany, April 1995
Volker Staut – post mastering

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