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08 Galway City in July 7:17 min – track sample


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When Reconciliation and guest musician John Purser arrived in St. John’s Newfoundland in July 2002, they discovered that the band was being honoured by an invitation to headline the opening event of the Sound Symposium that same evening. Having had minimum rehearsal time and suffering from jet lag, it was decided to attempt a ‘mad’ impromptu tune for the last encore. The band had been in Galway City Ireland in July many times when Arts Week and Race Week combine to create a month of madness, mayhem and lunacy. People are attracted to the spectacle form around the world and the city goes completely bonkers. The tune gives a unique flavor of the ‘rocking round the clock’ party that is ‘Galway City in July’.

Note: Ancient Music Ireland would like to thank Kathy Wherry and all at the Sound Symposium, St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Phil Conyngham – dord íseal, didgeridoo
John Purser – psalter horn, crotals, dord ard
Maria Cullen O’Dwyer – bodhrán, tubby drum
Simon O’Dwyer – dord ard, mayophone, crotal, throat singing
Recorded at St. John’s, Newfoundland
Rod Callan – mastering, post mastering at ‘The Works’ studio, Dublin, Ireland, May 2002


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