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04 The Healing of Froech 4:51 min – track sample


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One of the famous legends of ancient Celtic Ireland is ‘The Tain bo Froech’, (taw-in-bow-fraay-ock). The story describes a visit by a young noble to the Kingdom of Queen Medb (Meave) of Connaught at Cruachan in Co. Roscommon, Ireland. He has been invited by the Princess/Heiress Findabair (fin-a-var) who has heard of his reputation for being handsome and brave. When Findabair falls in love with him, the Queen fearing an uprising from local Kings who might be expecting their sons to be matched in marriage with the Princess plots with her consort Aillil to murder him. Following a failed attempt in which Froech is badly wounded, the Queen expresses remorse and arranges that the noble man is brought to the palace in a procession as part of a healing ceremony. Seven horn players who had accompanied him on his journey across Ireland to Cruachan join the procession and play a healing tune which is so beautiful that upon hearing it 30 of Queen Medb’s courtiers die of happiness. The story was written down in the 8th Century AD from an oral version and is believed to refer to a time around the middle of the 1st Century BC. In ‘The Healing of Froech’ a trumpa fada is over tracked 7 times. The result is a strangely powerful, colourful and overtone rich melange of sounds. When listened to at high volume, it is not hard to imagine the effect that such a sound could have in a ritual setting.

Simon O’Dwyer – trumpa fada (7 tracks)
Rod Callan – engineering, masteing, post mastering
Recorded at ‘The Works’ studio, Dublin, Ireland, May 2002

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