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07 Hocket 2:30 min – album One Day


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07 Hocket 2:30 min

This multi-level piece is influenced by hockety style horn bands from West Africa. The bodhrán used is one of the last made by the late Charlie Byrne of Thurles. It is fitted with two goat skins back to back and is so designed to give a whooshing sound. Also featured is an Early Medieval melody reed horn from Co. Mayo, West of Ireland. It is interesting to note that all the instruments with the one exception of a pair of Aboriginal Australian clap sticks have their origins in Ireland.

Simon O’Dwyer – dord ard, adharc, bodhrán, mayophone (early medieval reed instrument)
Philip Conyngham – dord íseal, clap sticks
Recorded at Ancient Music Ireland, West of Ireland 2011
Composition – O’Dwyer, Conyngham

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