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02 Politicos 2:22 min – album One Day


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02 Politicos 2:22 min

Politicos was recorded acoustically in a farmhouse in Connemara, West of Ireland. The idea was to explore the combinations which could be achieved through alternating a didgeridoo with a newly revived and developed ancient Irish singing method in a conversation. Phil Conyngham played his most precious didgeridoo which was given to him by a traditional maker in Catherine, Australia. The vocal called cronán is an experimental recreation of a throat singing tradition that was practiced in Ireland for thousands of years and only died out in the 19th Century. To do this, Simon O’Dwyer referred to written and oral descriptions as far back as the time of Christ and the overtone singing methods in countries such as Nepal and Tuva. The tune is named after the gabbling that goes on among politicians.

Philip Conyngham – didgeridoo
Simon O’Dwyer – cronán (throat singing), click stones
Recorded at Ancient Music Ireland, West of Ireland 2011
Composition – Conyngham, O’Dwyer

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