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05 Along the Shore 4:05 min – track sample


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05 Along the Shore 4:05 min

As a part of renovations of the display areas of The National Museum of Ireland, Ancient Music Ireland was requested to conduct a ‘once off’ recording session at the Museum in May 1994. Sound samples were recorded on 6 original Bronze Age Irish horns from all over Ireland over a three hour period. A seventh was thought to be two delicate to play. The recordings were brought into studio and over tracked in a number of combinations to explore possible relationships among horns. Several playing techniques were employed in the samples including flanging, fazing, note bending, continuous drone and repeat rhythm. This particularly fine tune involves four instruments taking different parts. During the mixing, two very important discoveries came out. In the first instance it was noticed that the four appeared to be very well in tune with each other. Secondly, as the tracks built up, a higher overtone series became evident. ‘Along the Shore’ combines rich underlying drone with a pulsing repeat rhythm in the centre and higher horns going off at intervals. The whole is full and modern and yet played on instruments that are actually 3,000 years old.

Simon O’Dwyer – Clogherclemin horn (Co. Kerry, Ireland) – dord íseal, Roscrea horn (Co. Tiipperary, Ireland) – dord ard, Derrynane horn (Co. Kerry, Ireland) – adharc, Drunkendult horn, (Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland) – adharc
Rod Callan -, engineering, mixing and mastering
Harry Bradshaw – post mastering

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