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06 Lilting horns 2:57 min – track sample


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06 Lilting horns 2:57 min

Recorded in 1992 by Irish Australian group ‘Reconciliation’ in Sydney Australia. Lilting horns was the first recording in modernity of three Irish Bronze horns played together. The tune was composed as a waltz with dord íseal playing bass rhythm and dord ard and adharc working together to form the melody. During the final mix a small error resulted in the dord íseal being reduced temporarily in volume during the tune. This however, allowed for the dord ard and adharc to feature together as a complimentary pair.

Alan Dargin – dord ard
Phil Conyngham – dord íseal
Simon O’Dwyer – adharc
Mike Gissing, Phil Conyngham – engineering, mastering
Recorded at Digital City Studios, Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia, 1992

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