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01 Overtone Live 2:26 min – track sample


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01 Overtone Live 2:26 min

‘Overtone Live’ was the first tune played at the concert. In a way it was the simplest, yet the most important. Three base bronze trumpets or ‘dord íseal’ were featured together to explore the multiplicity of overtones that are created and emphasized when horns in the same key are played together. In this instance they were all tuned to low E flat. The idea was inspired from the album ‘Coirn na hÉireann’ when an original base bronze horn was over tracked three times and generated higher tones that were clearly audible. Thus, the research which began in 1994 into instrumental overtones had culminated in the concert at St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church. The tune perfectly demonstrates the concept of embellishing a continuous single tone with a variety of shades of higher and lower moving and changing colour to transform it into a rich and encapsulating musical experience.

John Purser – dord íseal (large end-blown bass Bronze Age trumpet),
John Meskell – dord íseal (large end-blown bass Bronze Age trumpet),
Simon O’Dwyer – dord íseal (large end-blown bass Bronze Age trumpet).

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