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05 The Butterfly 4:49 min – track sample


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05 The Butterfly 4:49 min

‘The Butterfly is one of the most remarkable studio tracks on the ‘Overtone’ – Ancient Music of Ireland album. Permission to use it was given by Pat Power, from his album called ‘Sin a Bhfuil’. It had originally been recorded using a multi-track system. The aim for the concert was to attempt to play a live acoustic version. It was thought that such a complex interpretation with so many instruments of varying volume levels might present problems. There was also the difficulty of maintaining a steady continuous complimentary note on a dord ard (mid-range end-blown Bronze Age trumpet). The result was a unique haunting live version of ‘The Butterfly’, achieved through the wonderful understanding and musical excellence of the musicians.

Derek O’Shea – Flute
Pat Power – Bazouki
Gerry Whelan – Mandolin
Kevin Whelan Mandolin
Mick Crehan – whistle
Bonnie Rideout – violin
John Meskell – bodhrán
Simon O’Dwyer – dord ard (mid-range end-blown Bronze Age trumpet)

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