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03 The May Morning Dew 11:08 min – track sample


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03 The May Morning Dew 11:08 min

Composer Michael Holohan was presented with a challenge to perform a musical piece for the concert which would particularly emphasize the overtone qualities of two bass bronze trumpets. He chose to compose a remarkable arrangement for the well-known Irish tune, ‘The May Morning Dew’. The piece begins with the church organ. The distinctive melody is played by Breifne Holohan on an acoustic metal stringed guitar. Two bass trumpets are introduced in stages. The effect is of a simple melancholy air being magnified and exalted until the music almost seems ethereal. The church is filled with a multi-dimensional soundscape that defies explanation. Here is the real manifestation of instrumental overtone sound. The musical achievement is made all the more remarkable in that no electronics or effects of any kind are employed either during the performance or subsequently in the music mix.

Michael Holohan- church organ
Breifine Holohan – metal stringed guitar
John Meskell – dord íseal (large end-blown bass Bronze Age trumpet).
Simon O’Dwyer – dord íseal (large end-blown bass Bronze Age trumpet).

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