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07 Tribute for an English Carnyx 4:09 min – track sample


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07 Tribute for an English Carnyx 4:09 min

This tune was reserved for the final encore of the concert. During rehearsal it had become evident that the English carnyx was very closely tuned to the Irish Iron Age trumpet, the lur and an Irish bass bronze trumpet. The four instruments were brought together to perform a rousing tribute to the re-awakening of the English carnyx. Great swelling tones and overtones filled every corner of the church, creating a wonderful finally to the concert and leaving a delighted audience in no doubt as to the musical complexity and variety of the great horns and trumpets of pre-history.

Peter Holmes – English carnyx (Iron Age)
Joachim Schween – lur (Northern Europe)
Simon O’Dwyer – Loughnashade (Irish Iron Age trumpet)
John Meskell – dord íseal (large end-blown bass Bronze Age trumpet).

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