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02 Weeping of Women & Jenny’s Welcome 4:38 min – track sample


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02 Weeping of Women & Jenny’s Welcome 4:38 min

In 1995 Simon and Maria O’Dwyer played in many sessions in Galway City with friends including Mark Farrelly, John Meskell and Frank Ryan. Recordings from one of these sessions were included in the ‘Overtone’ – Ancient Music of Ireland album. Thus, Mark, Frank and John were invited to play for the live concert as a group. They chose two traditional Irish tunes beginning with a slow air for the first and lifting the tempo into a lively swinging reel for the second tune. This track is made particularly impressive by the combination of a rare uilleann pipe style which includes extensive use of the regulators, the tonal variety of the horn and an unusual off beat bodhrán. Though the interpretation is undoubtedly Irish in origin, the track contains elements of North African and Middle Eastern and a more modern jazz feel through Frank Ryan’s playing.

Mark Farrelly – uilleann pipes
John Meskell – dord íseal (large end-blown bass Bronze Age trumpet)
Frank Ryan – bodhrán.

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