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09 Newgrange Singing 0:35 min – track sample


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09 Newgrange Singing 0:35 min

This short piece is coupled with tracks 10A and 11A. The three display the remarkable versatility of the adharc. Newgrange, Co. Louth, Ireland is famous as one of the largest complete buildings surviving from the Neolithic period (Late Stone Age). It is particularly known for the long passage which goes into a central cross shaped space with a corbelled roof. On the first new day after the Winter Solstice morning, December 22, the sun shines through a box window over the entrance, travels down the passage and illuminates the inner chamber. Musical playing inside is normally not permitted but Ancient Music Ireland was fortunate to be allowed to test the acoustics of the space with the bronze horns in 1989. The room behaved very much as a good recording studio would in that the sound was completely flat. However, it was noted with some surprise that the ‘G’ note from the adharc appeared to establish a standing wave. The effect was as if the entire building, a quarter of a millions tons of stone, was vibrating in sympathy. This is clearly audible on the recording along with distinctive overtones though it had not been realised what these were at the time.

Simon O’Dwyer – adharc
John Purser – producer
Harry Bradshaw – post mastering

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