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13 The Dream of Angus 6:05 min – track sample


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13 The Dream of Angus 6:05 min

From the early days, Ancient Music Ireland have had a close collaboration with contemporary classical composer Michael Holohan. Michael, having studied archaeology began to take a deep musical interest in the ancient instruments as the on-going research revealed new aspects to them. Many of his compositions draw on Legend and the famous prehistoric sites and buildings around Ireland. ‘The Dream of Angus’ was originally commissioned to be performed at the State opening of Bru na Boinne, the new visitors centre at Newgrange, Co. Louth, Ireland in June 1997. The composition, through the use of ancient and modern instruments seeks to evoke a mood from the distant past. It is one of the first Irish compositions to fuse elements of traditional music with the modern ‘spectral’ techniques of French composers Tristan Murail and Gerard Grisey. This performance took place on the 27th of November 2006 in the John Field room at The National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland to a packed house.

Michael Holohan – composer, conductor, percussion
Anna Devlin – soprano
Susan Doyle – flute
Tadgh Murphy – violin
Helen Leahy – violin
Aisling Dowry Byrne – ‘cello
Breifne Holohan – guitar
Mick O’Brien – uilleann pipes
Cathrina Smith – percussion
Simon O’Dwyer – dord íseal, dord ard, throat singing, crotal, psalter horn
Harry Bradshaw – recording, post mastering

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