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12 Tua Ceatha (rainbow) 1:38 min – track sample


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12 Tua Ceatha (rainbow) 1:38 min

In the summer of 1998 Ancient Music Ireland was granted permission by The National Museum of Ireland to view a number of Ancient Musical instruments with the intention of making reproductions. One of these is known as the Ard Brin trumpet after the location where it was recovered in 1801, ‘The Mound of Ard Brin’, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. The trumpet was in excellent condition though the original mouthpiece and center join were not present. A ‘new’ center join had been made in the 19th Century AD and much to everyone’s delight, the go ahead was given by the Museum to play the trumpet briefly as a musical test. This task automatically went to the most qualified of the team :- John Kenny, master classical trombonist and carnyx player. The trumpet was assembled in an upright ‘S’ position with the bell pointing forward at the bottom and the mouthpiece end presented to the player at the top. John Kenny used one of his trombone mouthpieces whilst Simon O’Dwyer on his knees, held his hands around the center join to create an air seal and the proceedings were recorded on a DAT Walkman by John Purser. Clearly John Kenny was inspired by the occasion as he played a most beautiful impromptu melody and percussive tune which displayed in a wonderful way the sweet tone of the horn and the accuracy of the intervals between the notes. The sound could be modern but yet there is no doubting the ancient quality. This is the only recording of the original Ard Brin trumpet being played.

John Kenny – Ard Brin trumpet, (trumpa fada), Ard Brin, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
Simon O’Dwyer – instrument holder
John Purser – recording
Harry Bradshaw – post mastering

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