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04 Bís 6:12 min – track sample


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04 Bís 6:12 min (Irish Gaelic for spiral)

Shortly after meeting up in Sydney in January 1992, the group ‘Reconciliation’ went busking at the Bondi Junction railway station. A favoured place was an underground tunnel near the entrance though which commuters had to pass. Experiments were played with two didgeridoos and a dord íseal using the wild acoustic of the space to bring out ‘crossover’ tones. In studio, effects were used to replicate the sound while an Irish brass stringed harp and vocal by Cathy O’Sullivan (Canberra) gave the sound a delicate ethereal form. Cathy had been pioneering the brass stringed harp which had died out at the end of the 8th Century AD.

Alan Dargin – didgeridoo, clap sticks
Phil Conyngham – didgeridoo
Cathy O’Sullivan – Irish brass stringed harp, vocals
Simon O’Dwyer – dord íseal
Mike Gissing – engineer Digital City Studios, Sydney, Australia, 1992
Mike Gissing, Phil Conyngham, Simon O’Dwyer – mixing and mastering
Recorded at Digital City Studios, Sydney, Australia, 1992

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