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12 Lilting Horns 2:59 min – track sample


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12 Lilting Horns 2:59 min (also see track 6, ‘Lilting Horns on ‘Overtone’ album)

Lilting horns was originally recorded in Sydney to be played on ABC Radio. The recording was then mastered for inclusion in the album ‘Two Stories in One’. The light hearted waltz shows off the complimentary tuning and tones of three Irish bronze horns played together. It is interesting to note that the adharc and dord ard featured in the tune were reproduced from originals which had been found together as a pair.

Phil Conyngham – dord íseal
Alan Dargin – dord ard
Simon O’Dwyer – adharc
Mike Gissing – mastering and post mastering
Recorded at Digital City Studios, Sydney, Australia, 1992

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