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02 Polite Conversation 2:48 min – track sample


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02 Polite Conversation 2:48 min

In 1992 Simon O’Dwyer and Maria Cullen O’Dwyer were booked to play horns and bodhrán in a demonstration performance for The Canberra Folk Festival. They invited newly joined band members Alan Dargin and Phil Conyngham to play as the new group ‘Reconciliation’. During the festival the band met Greg Sheehan who was running a percussion workshop and demonstrating the kubling or bamboo mouth harp from the Philippines. When the band subsequently went into studio, Greg was invited to contribute to some of the tracks. Polite conversation is a quirky play between a didgeridoo and kublin. It is almost possible to imagine what is being said in the tune.

Phil Conyngham – didgeridoo
Greg Sheehan – kubling or bamboo mouth harp
Mike Gissing – engineer
Mike Gissing, Phil Conyngham, Simon O’Dwyer – mixing and mastering
Recorded at Digital City Studios, Sydney, Australia, 1992

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