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01 ‘Reconciliation’ 3:02 min – track sample


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01 ‘Reconciliation’ 3:02 min (title track)

Very shortly after the group had met and began to experiment with instruments, ‘Reconciliation’ was invited to appear on the famous Australian lunch time live television programme, ‘The Ray Martin Show’ in April 1992. A tune was especially composed for the occasion to be played live on the show. The name ‘Reconciliation’ was chosen to express a musical coming together of bronze horns and bodhrán from Ireland both North and South with black and white didgeridoo playing of Australia. At that time, Northern Ireland was still being savaged by a political and religious struggle between two communities. In Australia the Aboriginal people were waiting for a gesture of recognition of their place and rights as the first inhabitants of the Continent. During the intervening years peace has been achieved in Ireland and Aboriginal Australia has been acknowledged in many ways including a formal apology by a Prime Minister for previous wrongs committed on them by settlers and immigrants. Yet the message retains its relevance. Sharing of musical instruments and traditions is always a wonderful way to bring people closer together. Music is after all the Universal language.

Alan Dargin – didgeridoo, dord ard, boomerang sticks
Maria Cullen O’Dwyer – bodhrán, clap sticks
Phil Conyngham – didgeridoo, clap sticks
Simon O’Dwyer – dord íseal, clap sticks
Greg Sheehan – kangaroo hand drum
Mike Gissing – engineering and mastering
Mike Gissing, Phil Conyngham, Simon O’Dwyer – mastering and post mastering
Recorded at Digital City Studios, Sydney, Australia, 1992

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