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Ceol Ársa na hÉireann

Ancient Music Ireland

Research that celebrates the fervent life’s work of co-founders Simon O’Dwyer and Maria Cullen O’Dwyer. Availability of surviving musical instruments from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and the Early Medieval period allowed for the accurate reproduction of each example. This allows for in-depth study into original context, manufacturing, comparison with other contemporaries, musical content and possible uses in their time.

Founded in 1988 with the purpose of exploring ancient and pre-historic instruments.

In the 21st Century the sounds and music created provides for an unforgettable live experience and vast possibilities for all screen, radio and movie soundtrack.

Showcasing mystical Ireland through concerts, presentations and interactive exhibitions. Delve into a wealth of rare footage and pioneering recordings. Ancient Music Ireland contains the fruits of the on-going work and the amazing hitherto unknown discoveries into the music and instruments that were clearly such an important part of our pre-historic ancient past.

Who We Are


Simon O’Dwyer is co-founder of ‘Ancient Music Ireland’.

Born in 1955, Simon has dedicated his life’s work to the study and the reconstruction of prehistoric musical instruments. He is in the vanguard of the pioneering research which is taking place into the music of prehistory worldwide. Simon has composed and registered many pieces for Bronze Age horns and trumpets, Iron Age trumpets, Early Medieval horns and bodhrán. Simon plays with the band ‘Reconciliation’ and has recorded several albums. He is a poet and songwriter.

Maria Cullen O’Dwyer is manager and co-founder of ‘Ancient Music Ireland’.

Maria is dedicated to the promotion, research and documentation of the ancient musical instruments of Ireland. She has correlated a large library of archive material, including public performance at festivals, museums, universities, conferences worldwide and rare footage of the measuring and discussion of original instruments. Maria also plays with the band ‘Reconciliation’ and has composed and recorded on several albums.

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