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School Workshops

Simon O’Dwyer’s subject is ‘Music and Instrument Development Through the Ages’. He brings a collection of musical instruments to the school and his lively sessions take the children on a journey through the Ages starting with when the first people came to Ireland through the Stone Age, Bronze Age (first farmers), Iron Age and ends in Early Medieval times with St. Patrick and the beginning of modernity.

The progression of music and instruments and the people who played them is showcased through reproduction bone flutes, bronze horns and trumpets, animal horns, bodhrán, shells and stone percussion. The presentation includes stories from legend and by the end of the session the children have a good understanding of the timeline discussed. There is lots of interaction between the group as Simon puts questions to the class and the children are encouraged to ask questions and participate in a discussion as Simon demonstrates the very special sound that these instruments make.. The presentation is suitable for all ages.. It is both entertaining and highly educational.

Simon is Ireland’s only specialist in the musical instruments of prehistory. He has a wealth of knowledge about Stone Age flutes and whistles, percussion, Bronze Age horns, bells and the great sheet bronze trumpets of the Middle Iron Age.

Class:I – Infant (Junior and Senior), J – Junior (1st and 2nd), M – Middle (3rd and 4th), S – Senior (5th and 6th).

Heritage Specialist – Heritage Council of Ireland

Simon O’Dwyer was appointed Heritage Specialist under the Heritage in Schools Scheme, Heritage Council of Ireland in 1997. He has since visited and presented the ‘Story of the Development of Music and Instruments Through the Ages’ in thousands of National Schools all over Ireland.

Testimonials From Teachers

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit. It was engaging and informative from beginning to end. Very worthwhile.

The workshop was very educational and interesting and the children were fully engaged for the entire session. I would highly recommend Simon to any school and we would definitely organise another visit in a few years.

Simon was excellent. He was interesting and lively and interacted with the children throughout. They were entranced from the moment he started until he finished. We couldn't believe the time.

Very interactive, the pupils loved it. I was amazed!

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Fri ‒ Mon: 09am ‒ 05pm

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