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The Ancient Music Ireland sound library will be available on this page early 2023.  It has taken a little longer than expected to launch the library as we decided to make it available in a Kontakt instrument form.

The library was recorded and post-produced by Sound Editor and Field Recordist Angel Pérez Grandi of Many of the sounds heard today are created electronically – the fresh dynamic library offered here is made using acoustic instruments and human voice!  Chilling whispers to rumbling crescendo – the notes, chords, overtones, vibrations and reverberations within Ancient Music Ireland’s repertoire will pour an epic new choice of atmospheric audio onto the gaming, movie, tv documentary, radio and podcast  making world.  Instruments and vocals featured are mainly from Ireland but some hail from around the globe.

A couple of outstanding features in this library are that all the sounds and sequences are played on acoustic instruments and are mainly played while implementing the technique of circular breathing.

The drone is a common element in the selection.  The  overtones blending to great heights surge from the larger bass Bronze Age trumpets creating a new auditory experience that we are very excited to release.

The undulating low droning pitch from the Iron Age trumpets creates an expectant mood or tone.  These great trumpets also play shock waves and melodic heralding music.

All of the instruments sound best when circular breathed allowing for the particular one being played to only produce the sound it makes rather than screeching or using the voice through it.


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