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Live Performance

Showcasing Mystical Ireland

A distinctive experience for visiting groups that is magically ancient!  We bring music archaeology to life!

Tour companies from Ireland and abroad can enjoy a unique opportunity to experience this delightful exhibition and performance/presentation by Ancient Music Ireland. It begins by bringing the audience on a journey through the ages, starting with the earliest habitation of Ireland and progresses through the Irish Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and ends in Early Medieval times.  It is a celebration of the great Irish instruments of the first millennium BC.  Each period is highlighted through the progression and development of musical instruments, (of which Ireland is very rich) the playing of instruments and stories from legend.  Simon O’Dwyer, Co-Founder of Ancient Music Ireland is an outstanding story teller and musician and has the audience on the journey with him every step of the way. This event can take place in a location most suited to your tour of mythical Ireland.

It is the perfect balance between musical accuracy and visual perfection. 

Instruments include –stone, shell, bone, horn and skin instruments, reproduction pairs of horns from Northern, Western, Central and Southern Ireland.  Examples of the Bronze Age instrument family 1,000 – 600 BC.  Two pairs of Iron Age parade/ceremonial trumpets like those which were played in the time of Queen Medb and Cú Chulainn , 100 BC.  The Ard Brin trumpet reproduction – the most beautiful musical instrument ever made – the ‘golden trumpa’.

Instruments will be presented in an exhibition so that visitors may peruse the collection and lip-reed players are welcome to attempt to sound a selection of horns and trumpets.  Original uses and context will be discussed and explored.

This event adds lots of fun and interest as many people will not have seen or heard these Irish instruments before.

How it works

Ancient Music Ireland travel with the extensive collection of instruments and equipment and set up the exhibition and presentation in a venue that suits a group. The venue may be at their hotel (conference room) or in a suitable venue in the area which they are staying.  (e.g. local museum, art gallery, arts or community centre or University).  Groups can also arrange a presentation on their exploration of the Wild Atlantic Way.  This is a rare experience for tourists and our work is leading the reawakening of Ireland’s rich and ancient past.  Ireland far outreaches Europe and the World with its treasure trove of ancient musical instruments.  The originals are housed in the National Museum of Ireland and the Ulster Museum in Belfast.  Visitors will have the opportunity to see the originals either before or after they hear our collection sounded.

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