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Live Performance

Festivals – Museums – Fanfare

Ancient Music Ireland are available for live performance, presentations, parade and fanfare.

The content can be tailored to suit the event.


Simon O’ Dwyer’s skilled musicianship and a warm, natural charm delights and entertains audiences. This captivating performance/presentation begins by bringing the audience on a journey through the ages, with everyone benefiting from the animated expression of history, geography, anthropology, archaeology and music. Starting with the earliest habitation of Ireland and progressing through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age ending in Early Medieval times. Each period is highlighted through the progression of musical instruments, the playing of instruments and stories from legend.

Simon is, Co-Founder of Ancient Music Ireland and is an outstanding story teller. He takes the group with him every step of the way. Beginning with the oldest instruments including the ‘fipple pipes’, a set of tuned pipes dating to over 2,000 BC in Ireland.

He will discuss the evolvement of stone and bone as musical instruments. Bronze Age horns and their progression from animal horns lends to a large portion of the story. Ireland hosts the largest collection of pre-historic cast bronze horns and trumpets worldwide. Examples spanning from the North to the South West of Ireland will be played.

The Iron Age presents a selection of magnificent sheet bronze trumpets. A pair of parade/ceremonial trumpets like those which were sounded at the time of Queen Medb and Cú Chulainn 100 BC will be played and displayed. The Ard Brin, Iron Age trumpet and a pair of the newly researched and reconstructed ‘Roscrea’, ‘Welsh’ Trumpets dating to 100 BC will also be discussed and played.

Ancient Music Ireland bring Irish music archaeology to life!

Parade and Fanfare

A fanfare to highlight the arrival of an important guest or moment at a particular event creates a wonderful sense of occasion and splendour.

A parade featuring Iron Age trumpets to create a sense of occasion or to mark the beginning of an important event is always received with great excitement. Ribbons with appropriate colours for the occasion are hung from the trumpets. This imagery is great for publicity and photo opportunity.

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