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Suspended in Time

An Interactive Exhibition

The outstanding ancient bronze wind instrument collection.

  • A premier event featuring this ancient musical collection.
  • Exclusive collection worldwide.
  • Art instillation plus music and soundtrack, an experience that is tangible and ethereal as the instruments oscillate freely.
  • Interactive – allowing the public to attempt to play instruments.
  • Educational – appealing to curiosity while tapping into the past.
  • Soundtrack in the space or on personal headphones/phone.
  • Strikingly lit – showcasing the shining bronze material.

As Ireland proudly enjoys 40% of the entire world’s collection of pre-Renaissance metal wind instruments this exhibition presents a meaningful and memorable experience for the viewer and highlights the creative lineages of Ireland. This interactive exhibition, showcases the exceptional and extraordinary collection of Ireland and Britain’s ancient bronze horns and trumpets from 100 BC to 700 BC. Our collection of reproduction instruments is scientifically sourced, researched and precisely measured from the original bronze horns and trumpets that currently reside in the National Museums in Dublin and Belfast. They are all made from either cast or sheet bronze.

This collection from Ireland’s pre-history is unmatched worldwide. It is a source for bringing archaeology to life and has the ability to appeal to and attract tourists to the exhibition due to its exclusivity.

The exhibition is presented on an illuminated/audio/frame structure to suspend the collection of instruments plus both a composed piece featuring the instruments and live playing. The experience allows for the expertise of both members of Ancient Music Ireland to be on site for the duration of any event. This is a link to show what the concept will look like.

As Ancient Music Ireland have the largest collection of reproduction instruments from this time – five Iron Age trumpets and up to 10 Bronze Age horns are included in our interactive exhibition.

The title of the display is ‘Suspended in Time’. The extensive exhibition is presented with a selection of the reproduction Iron Age trumpets and Bronze Age horns hanging for ease of access so visitors may attempt to play any of them. The instruments are shining gold and spin to create an art installation as well as a musical experience. Ancient Music Ireland representatives are available for the duration to demonstrate and answer questions. It will also facilitate visitors to the exhibition to attempt to play the instruments. It permits for sound and visual elements both recorded compositions and live playing by experts standing by.

The ‘Suspended in Time’ interactive exhibition adds a new dimension to the rich and varied heritage by exhibiting the magnificent examples left by our ancestors. These musical horns and trumpets are distinctive. The story is revealed through using this inheritance and making exact reproductions of each trumpet and horn and by doing so thoroughly examining how the originals were made, played and used by ancient societies. experience that is tangible and ethereal...

Tue ‒ Thu: 09am ‒ 07pm
Fri ‒ Mon: 09am ‒ 05pm

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