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For download only – mystical and eerie, Ancient Music Ireland – Vol One, ‘A New Acoustic Colour’,  Sound Library plus Kontakt instrument – PALEOSONIC – features meticulously recorded sounds played on a range of ancient musical instruments.


166 Sound Files with multiple takes. – 4.06 GB Sound Library (unzipped) – UCS compliant file naming – Rich metadata – Playable Kontakt Instrument (4.02 GB unzipped) – needs full Kontakt 6+ license.


AMI VOL 1 Sound Library License Agreement


AMI Kontakt Instrument PALEOSONIC User Manual


AMI Vol.1 Sound Library Meta Data Filename and Descriptions




This volume covers 28 instruments, showcasing a selection of ancient instrument reproductions from Ancient Music Ireland’s collection in the West of Ireland. The Instruments featured are mainly from Ireland but some hail from around the globe.  It includes Bronze Age horns and trumpets, Iron Age trumpets, Early Medieval horns, animal horns, stone instruments, conch shells, clay whistles, a bullroarer and voice. The Kontakt Instrument and all sound files are embedded with UCS compliant embedded metadata, containing rich descriptions and keywords to maximise your workflow.



From chilling whispers to rumbling crescendos, many of the instruments are  played using circular breathing techniques, which allow for unrelenting tones.   You will hear drones with rich overtones, undulating low pitches, as well as ‘shock waves and melodic heralding music. The research and exploration into ancient horns, trumpets, whistles, flutes etc. has yielded immensely powerful and evocative soundscapes that will add a rich and unique addition to your audio palette.



The library was recorded and post-produced by sound recordist and producer Ángel Pérez Grandi of Sound Ark Studios.  Ángel also created and implemented the  snapshots and presets for a range of instruments within PALEOSONIC Kontakt instrument.  He prepared and processed all the samples and produced the user manual.

The original encouragement to make this library came from musician, producer and composer – Gerry Owens of Black Bag Music. Gerry guided us on this journey with his vast production and music consultation expertise and experience.

Kontakt instrument implementation is by Hadi El Hosri.

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