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Voices of the God and Goddess

British Museum - The World of Stonehenge Exhibition

Voices of the God and Goddess

The World of Stonehenge Exhibition – British Museum 17th June 2022.

A presentation by Ancient Music Ireland

A Musical Soundscape –

Our ancestors in pre-history knew about science, geometry and astronomy.  Prehistoric legends and early history tell us that in ancient Britain and Ireland it was vital that the male ‘Sun God’ and the female ‘Earth Goddess’ existed in harmony.  At the pre-historic monument and World Heritage Site of Stonehenge, it is believed the great stones were carefully placed in their surroundings based on early astronomical knowledge which connected the earth to the sky.

Similarly, the great Irish megalithic tomb and World Heritage Site of Newgrange in Brú na Bóinne, facilitates a beam of sunlight which illuminates the central chamber on the first day of the new year celebrating the renewal of life.  We believe that music is at the heart of the this astronomically aligned megalith.  The later Bronze Age horns and trumpets which were found in pairs represent male and female.  These instruments were played at the inauguration of kings and for majestic ceremonies.

The ‘Sun God’ and the ‘Earth Goddess’ were brought together to ensure the continuity and wellbeing of people, crops and livestock, thus suggesting the horns and trumpets are the voices of the ‘God’ and ‘Goddess’.   Ancient Music Ireland tell this story by bringing the audience on a journey through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and ending in Early Medieval times.  Accurate reproductions of ancient instruments from each period will be explained and played during this upbeat and informative event.  Sounds that haven’t been heard for thousands of years will echo through the Museum!








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